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A powerful tool can change your destiny!

It’s time to eliminate all the manual traditional management methods to speed up your business progress and open your way to a wider stage through technological prospects. Adak products are practical software solutions developed to ease your management, automate most of your activities and give you a better insight into your business.

Reach your well-fitted solution with agile software development

Your specific challenges need specific answers. Adak will help you find the most suitable solution to drive your business toward a remarkable result.

Our products are flexible enough to change, expand, and suit your business’s needs.

Our products are flexible enough to change, expand, and suit your business’s needs.

Comprehensive management through an integrated platform

Instead of a single practical tool, use an entire toolbox. We provide you with different software rooted in one family. Adak’s family of software was built to satisfy all your needs through a powerful and seamless integration that connects all tools to offer you a scalable unified platform for your business improvement. We simplify managing all your business’s aspects, from data, resources, and customers to marketing and supporting issues in our fully integrated, expandable solutions.

Adak will be next to you. from the first step to the last

In Adak, we serve you with a complete cycle solution. Our first step is to determine your business management issues and find the best way to answer them through practical software production. After producing your well-fitted software, we take the responsibility of quality assurance and monitoring until the last day you will utilize our product.

Whether Adak’s software or not, we will help you to take care of it.

Adak IT services provide quality assurance and monitoring for any software you use. You can always trust our professional team to ensure your software availability and performance.

Our products

Adak Project Management

Adak project management software is a great tool for optimizing performances and team interactions. It also provides project managers, product managers, CPOs, etc., a comprehensive view of every project’s status and progresses simultaneously. This software helps your business achieve remarkable project results by scheduling, breaking down activities into smaller tasks, assigning them to the right person, and enabling your business to prosper by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your project workflow through recording, tracking and preparing insightful reports.

Adak Accounting

Adak software is a practical toolbox to handle your business accounting issues. With our system, you don’t need to be an accounting expert. By eliminating the traditional confusing solutions, you can easily take care of every accounting activity and automatically record, analyze and interpret all your business transactions. By learning a few instructions of the Adak accounting management system, you have all the solutions in your hand. Our flexible software will be developed due to your business field and needs.

Adak Sales Management

Your business can become trustworthy for any client if you put enough effort into generating clear and accurate commercial documents. This advantage will help your potential customers review all the products and services provided and look for information like types, prices, visual features, stocks, etc., allowing them to decide on their purchases and get their invoices to deal based on.

Adak Marketing Management

Unifying all your marketing efforts in one platform will help you effectively transfer any message to your target audiences and get a better impact from all the channels and touchpoints. Adak Marketing tools will help you to plan purposeful campaigns and increase your business engagement with every move!

Adak Ticketing

Adak Ticketing software is user-friendly, effective helpdesk that helps you reach out to all customer’s needs and problems from multi-channels such as online chat, E-mail, and phone. You can prioritize and categorize all tickets, assign them to expert support teams, and close each thicket in less time!

Adak CRM

Adak CRM is a complete toolbox for regenerating new opportunities from previous ones and allows you to record and review all your activities in just one software, from marketing and tracking leads to winning or missing an opportunity. Adak CRM helps you to expand your business by actively communicating with your contacts. This time, no lead will be hidden from your eyes!

Adak HR Management

Human resource software is a digital solution to manage human resource information and other daily HR issues. This technology helps you attract and recruit top talents for your open positions and makes an effective, comfortable and engaging community for your business ecosystem.

Who We Are

In 2010, The Adak developers started designing and developing business management software based on enterprise needs. We believe that any enterprise and business can optimally improve their performance and use the time and effort efficiently to grow and develop their business with the help of planning and managing processes.

Therefore, We aim to create convenient, suitable platforms to increase these processes’ accuracy and swiftness and facilitate them through modern technological solutions and standards.

With continuous effort and proper technology, the Adak team has designed and produced various superb management software, which tries to meet and satisfy the needs of small, medium, and large businesses in diverse fields.

At Adak, by producing flexible and fully customizable software services and providing worthwhile support, we strive to stay close to your business and keep pace with the needs of today’s ever-changing world.


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What people say about us?

The Adak team is a young and agile team that has developed and updated Business Support Systems (BSS) in Hamrah-e-Aval according to TM Forum standards. Adak software is produced in sync with modern technology and effectively optimizes management processes.

The Adak system is very close in terms of performance and effectiveness to similar foreign models I have used.

In cooperation with Adak, I received a result that I did not expect!

With courage and reliance on modern technology, this diligent team could significantly transform our information archives system and, this way, greatly impact enterprise processes. The result of each project with Adak is a good reason to start further cooperation.

Adak always walks through cutting-edge technology, and their solutions are modern, robust, and reliable. This team can provide a good service to its customers with synergy and teamworking and compete with international products.

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